Culture Index™


Have you ever worked at a company and it just feels right?

The culture, the core values, the vision, the position you are filling, and where the work you do for the company day in and day out fill you with pride. 

At BPG, we believe in Right Person – Right Seat.

We use the Culture Index™ Survey program in our hiring process to match potential candidates to open positions within the company.  We do not exclude potential candidates based on the Culture Index™ surveys, but it allows us to determine if the candidate is a good match for the position they are applying for based on how they communicate, problem-solve, and how much they have to alter their natural state to complete daily tasks and perform their job overall. The closer a position matches an employee's natural way of being, the happier the employee will be at the company, providing longevity and great results for both the company and the employee.


When you apply at BPG for any open position, you will be asked to complete a survey provided by Culture Index™. This survey is simple and takes 5 minutes to complete.