Our culture focuses on helping each employee to grow professionally and personally. We are a catalyst for our team members to learn, improve their professional skills, and positively impact the lives of others.

Client and Culture Focused

We Care

BPG is a family of teams and friends that love working together. Our passion and positive energy allow us to have fun and be considered the top‐rated employer in our industry. At BPG, We Care about one another and our customers. Our team members and their families are significant to us, and our business decisions focus on everyone's well‐being. Profit is important to us! BPG uses profits to provide a great workplace with excellent health and retirement benefits. BPG attracts and retains individuals who can make a career at BPG and often make BPG their forever home. BPG's extensive interview and onboarding process for team members is to help ensure alignment with The BPG Way. Once onboarded, BPG invests in our team members through continuous training, coaching, education, and career development. We make a positive impact on many lives. Our organizational, team and employee health are monitored, measured, and evaluated to impact positively.

We Solve

BPG's proven process of "We Solve" efficiently and effectively finds solutions. The method allows all members to identify ideas and issues to find the best solutions. The proven process utilizes the technique of Identifying, Discussing, and Solving (IDS). Our proven process engages everyone from employees, vendors, customers, and others to identify ideas and issues. Our team is very efficient at finding solutions. BPG is a team that gets hired because of our ability to identify and listen to ideas and issues and solve them.

We Love What We Do

We love exceeding expectations and making customers happy! We are easy to do business with.  Our team members, vendors, customers, and partners value working with BPG because we make things easy!

construction team


BPG is a driven organization focused on a passion for learning and growing. We strive to prioritize work-life balance for our employees because our people are the foundation of BPG.

BPG believes that by investing in our team’s education, we become more than just a place of employment but a vehicle to improve the lives of everyone in our community. We provide internal and external training programs for all of our employees because we know that the development of our employees is paramount to our success. 

Our BPG Operating System allows us to work as a unified team by ensuring all procedures are kept up-to-date and communicated across the group. Our vision provides a clear path to accomplish our goals and maintain our high standards as a company.


Have you ever worked at a company and it just feels right?  The culture, the core values, the vision, the position you are filling, and where the work you do for the company day in and day out fill you with pride.  At BPG, we believe in Right Person – Right Seat.  Read more on how we accomplish this by including the Culture Index™ Program in our Hiring Process.

Learn about what a career at BPG looks like for you and explore our current job opportunities.



Giving back to the community is important to us here at BPG.  Over the years, it has been our pleasure to participate with outstanding charitable organizations.