Design & Engineering



Our Design team specializes in providing Mobile LiDAR, GIS/Mapping, Survey, Design, AutoCAD and consulting services. Our customers range from CLEC’s, dark fiber optic network providers to privately held enterprises. We work with contractors from the design-assist side all of the way to the design-build side of projects. 

The team completes over 2000 route miles of design for broadband infrastructure annually throughout the southwestern United States utilizing the latest and most advanced technology on the market today. 

Lidar truck rainbow

Our drafting and survey team provides detailed telecommunication construction CAD drawings, topographical profiles, and other needed specifications required to complete the planning and permitting of your next telecommunication infrastructure project. 

Utilizing the latest tools like our in-house Mobile LiDAR trucks, custom web applications and other software programs create efficiencies in our data collection processes providing our clients accurate information reducing AHJ permitting rejections.

GIS & Mapping

BPG offers a spatial GIS-centric, comprehensive yet scalable solution to survey, map and track assets and infrastructure by using a combination of general surveying, mobile LiDAR, static scanners, and UAS’s to perform asset management data collection tasks. This includes everything from striping on roadways to above ground utilities, tree inventories, signs, poles, pole connections, streetlights, traffic cabinets, buildings and facility footprints (interior and exterior) and can even assist with American Disability Act (ADA) compliance such as sidewalk slopes.

Network Management
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Analysis, Planning, Management

The rapid increase of fiber optic installations for cities demands better documentation and tracking of the network infrastructure to allow for a framework to calculate risk, predictive analysis, better planning and action-oriented decision making. Cities realize that creating digital plans via a Geographic Information System (GIS) and, more importantly, keeping the data current is essential to having a single point of data to properly manage and maintain the fiber network. Take your organization’s digital maps with you, anywhere and anytime, to update your data on the go and connect field and operations with shared data. 

UAV Mapping
UAV Mapping Photo
Aerial Drone Services

BPG’s background and extensive knowledge in Design, Engineering, Construction, Mapping, Technologies, and Surveying experience makes us more than just drone pilots. We understand the value, the purpose, the workflow and the need for collecting accurate data for planning, designing, improvements and analysis. Due to our 20-year history in the industry, we apply our extensive knowledge to provide you with the most accurate and complete data collection. 

BPG manages the entire drone process and beyond – piloting the drones, capturing the data, creation of drone-based images, video and analyzing the data for surveillance, mapping, inspection, tracking and monitoring.

Design Planning
Planning and Management

Our design team provides outside and inside plant designs. From right of way construction and fiber optic cable placement to in-building cabling infrastructures including structured cabling systems, PoE lighting, DAS, IP camera, emergency lighting, and access control systems. Other services include permitting acquisitions, KMZ/KML file management, right of way acquisitions, aerial windloading/walkouts and project management. 


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