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BPG believes in a comprehensive pre-planning approach to every project prior to the start of any construction taking place in the field. This approach to the pre-construction period benefits our clients, the public, municipalities and BPG Designs as a whole. 

By closely managing safety, quality, budget, materials and subcontractors, BPG is an innovative leader in the industry when it comes to delivering safe, quality projects on time and on budget! With our Core Values being the foundation and culture of how we conduct and manage our business, we can provide one of, if not the best, contracting experiences in the industry today. 

Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD)
construction machinery in action
Trenchless Technology

When it comes to trenchless technology, you need a company you can trust with the internal processes and procedures to protect property and produces results. Our construction team is focused on producing results and the safety of our employees and clients. 

Specializing in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) allows BPG to provide our clients with the most effective way to complete underground construction. With the growing demand to minimize the impact of underground construction, we continue to expand upon our knowledge and expertise in HDD.

Excavation, Trenching, Restoration
construction workers setting up a site
Excavation, Trenching, Restoration

BPG provides machine trenching, plowing, excavation, potholing, and restoration for underground utilities. Plowing is a quick and cost-effective way to direct-bury fiber optic cable for long haul, fence, and in ground detection system projects. 

Conduit and Fiber Optic Plowing

Plowing is an installation technique with minimal environmental impact during installation. The cable plowing process uses a vibrating blade to split the ground and cut a narrow slit as the plow moves along very quickly. As the ground is opened, the cable or duct is placed at the desired depth by feeding it down a chute located on the blade’s back. This technique is ideal for long-haul fiber optic projects, solar farms, and power transmission line projects.

Civil Construction
turnkey underground dry utility construction
Civil Construction

We specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of underground infrastructure, excelling in civil construction projects such as inner duct services, and overcoming environmental hurdles. Our expertise extends to providing on-demand emergency response teams, ready to assist immediately. Whether it involves industrial site construction, civil site construction, or street improvements, we bring proficiency to all aspects of dry utility work, earthwork, and collaboration with government and city agencies. Committed to delivering quality and efficiency, we are your reliable partner for comprehensive underground construction services.

Fiber Solutions
Fiber Optic Cabling
Fiber Optic Pathway & Cable Placement

BPG provides aerial, underground, and air-blown fiber solutions. Whether on campus environments, last mile, or long-haul fiber cable installations, we have the equipment to install on-time and on-budget.

Hydro Vac
BPG Design Hydrovac truck
Hydro Vac

With our hydro vac, we can pothole and trench more efficiently near pipeline and utility crossings without disturbing the existing infrastructure. 

Additional Solutions
BPG utility construction workers
Additional Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Project and Implementation Planning
  • Inside Plant (ISP) Conduit Installation
  • Existing Cable Plant Audit Solutions
  • Project Cost Analysis and Budget Planning


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