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ISP Services

Technologies specializes in the design and installation of communication infrastructure solutions for data, VoIP, video, fiber optic, DAS and wireless networks serving the broadband, commercial, education, financial and healthcare marketplace. We are located in Tempe, Arizona and service the Southwestern United States for new construction, remodels, tenant improvements and data centers. 

Fiber Optics
splicing cables for technology solutions
Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing

Our fiber optic solutions are designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We are your one source for all your fiber optic needs. BPG utilizes the latest fusion splicing and testing equipment in conjunction with our skilled and trained technicians to provide a complete fiber optic solution for any need.

Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling Systems

One of the challenges in designing and installing a structured cabling system is how to future proof the infrastructure to meet the ever-changing technology advancements demanding more bandwidth to the end device. 

As a structure cabling solutions provider, BPG can plan and execute your structured cabling system that will optimize and leverage the latest technology no matter what technology comes next in data transformation, building automation and IoT.

Distributed Antenna Systems
DAS lighting installation
Distributed Antenna Systems

With 5G carrier networks on the horizon, it is even more critical to evaluate your in-building cellular coverage. Improving carrier coverage in your building is becoming a top priority for employee engagement managers. 

At BPG, we can provide active and passive DAS solutions to meet your needs. From large facilities such as convention centers, hospitals, and campuses to buildings under 5,000 sq. ft., we have scalable solutions to meet any need.

IP Surveillance Systems
Tim Crisp working
IP Surveillance Systems

IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance cameras and video recording systems have become a major component in securing and monitoring business properties of any size. 

Our team and manufacturing partners will work with you and your IT support team to design and install a system that will give you peace of mind that your facility is being monitored with the latest technology in IP Surveillance.

PoE Lighting
PoE Lighting
Power over Ethernet Lighting Solutions

PoE lighting systems are smart lighting. They improve control over light quality, lower energy bills, and substantially lengthen bulb life. A PoE lighting platform and its fixtures use Ethernet cables to power lights (luminaires) and transmit data between the luminaire and the control software. They may also collect data, such as in a campus setting, using motion sensors to detect the presence of people, temperature, and signal networks to turn off when not in use. PoE smart technology also connects LED light sources to the internet enabling end-users to access lighting systems and platforms via smartphones. This can be used for emergency lighting, LED lighting and more. Contact us today for a demonstration.


Our Trusted Partners

We recognize that our partners are integral to our success. Our strategy for growth is to partner with innovative technology providers that share our vision for quality, end-to-end solutions. Our Partners can leverage our unique supply chain management and ISO quality expertise tightly integrated with their products forming the Value Network. The result is an overall total solution with guaranteed, end-to-end quality for a broad range of customers and market segments.


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