Our goal on every project is to identify the client’s pain points, needs, and wants and then execute a plan that delivers results. The electric team is a group of experienced electrical professionals who have a passion for commercial electrical services, low-voltage electrical systems, electrical design, tenant improvements, new construction, and facility maintenance projects in the state of Arizona.

electric solutions in a warehouse
Custom Lighting Solutions

Transform your warehouse, office, or facility into a brighter, more energy-efficient environment. BPG can transform your workspace and reduce your monthly energy expenses with a custom lighting solution for new installations or retrofitting an existing space.

Our goal is to provide a remarkable result and to bring more safety, employee productivity, and savings to our customers.

Industrial Controls
electric solutions in control panel
Industrial automation systems

Properly integrated industrial automation systems are the key to high efficiency, high production yields, and low maintenance costs in any manufacturing or process control environment.

Our staff is capable and has experience in designing, fabricating, and constructing control panels, PLC programming and electrical control design for commercial electrical services. Our capabilities include control panels, PLC systems and DCS systems, custom fabrication panels, and single- and multi-loop control system panels.

Tenant Improvements
electric solutions in cieling
Tenant Improvements

Using an experienced and licensed commercial electrician for tenant improvements and remodeling projects is ideal for increasing commercial property values, accelerating productivity, and promoting safety. Security is improved by installing and using audio-visual features.


Don’t spend too much money on aging equipment. No renovation is complete without reliable, industry-leading electrical installations and top-of-the-line wiring. The BPG team also specializes in electrical outlets – something so simple requires specific electrical upgrades that we can handle. 

Our team of experienced and licensed electricians will provide a complete and cost-effective solution to meet your needs. We use our knowledge of wiring, industrial controls, variable frequency drives, relay logic controls and more to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. 

Underground Utilities
Underground Utility
Underground Utility Installations

We offer a full range of underground electrical installation and repair/replacement services for electric power for commercial and industrial projects. Underground utility construction can come in handy when you are looking for electric power repair, electric power replacement or even if you are looking to troubleshoot the problem. Whatever you need, we are here to help. 


Our Trusted Partners

We recognize that our partners are integral to our success. Our strategy for growth is to partner with innovative technology providers that share our vision for quality, end-to-end solutions. Our Partners can leverage our unique supply chain management and ISO quality expertise tightly integrated with their products forming the Value Network. The result is an overall total solution with guaranteed, end-to-end quality for a broad range of customers and market segments.


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