BPG believes in Safety First!The safety of our employees, customers, and the community we serve is paramount to our success. BPG has a safety mission statement and a well-thought-out and documented safety program that is critical to our success in all of our divisions (Engineering, Utility Construction, Technologies and Electric).  

Today, we are proud to have an 0.71 EMR rating. BPG employs a full-time safety manager and safety coordinators that monitor daily JHA's, toolbox topics, and other safety related measurements. In addition, employees are trained in-person and with our new LMS (Learning Management System) on a regular basis. 

2023 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
2023 Loss Time Incident Rate (LTIR)
Experience Modification Rate (EMR)
Stop Work Authority

BPG employees are empowered to Stop Work when safety is a concern.

BPG Safety Committee

The BPG Safety Committee promotes safety and well-being through communication, education and safe work practices.

Employee Safety Focused

The safety of our employees is of utmost importance at BPG. It is far better to report and learn from near misses, minor incidents and hazards, where there is little or no loss.

Employee Screening & Onboarding

BPG implements a rigorous screening and onboarding process so that each employee is a trusted positive addition to the team.  

Zero Tolerance Policy

There is an immediate termination policy for employees who do not communicate hazardous situations that are considered unsafe and unacceptable work practices.


At BPG we are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors, and community. We will continually improve our processes, demonstrate safety leadership, and promote our proactive safety culture. Individual accountability, personal responsibility, and integrity are our watchwords. Safety is the responsibility of all employees, management and the individual craft worker alike. We will plan, communicate, and work together to achieve our goal of ZERO AVOIDABLE INCIDENTS. BPG is committed to the shared goal of every employee making the safe choice for every operation.

Doing the right thing is the way we do business, not because of a program policy, but because it ensures that all BPG employees safely return to the friends and families that treasure them so much.

Our Clients expect safe operations from our organization.
Our Excellence is a result of SAFELY doing all of our operations beyond expectation.
Our Integrity is unwavering as we make the safe choice for every operation.
Our Professionalism is exemplified by our decisions to make safety our first and foremost assignment.
Our Continual Improvement will lead the industry in more effective ways to safely conduct our work.
Our Results are a company, free of unavoidable incidents, where the employees KNOW their quality of life is the highest priority.

Our focus, diligence, communication, and courage are the cornerstones of safety success. We all strive for an environment that empowers and reinforces the employees to not only work safely but to share why they choose to do so. We express concern for the safety of teammates and coworkers without hesitation. We make a silent promise to every coworkers’ family that we will do everything in our power to get that teammate home each night. BPG is committed to preventing employee injuries and unavoidable incidents. We all do our part to share our belief that working safely is our first and only choice on every task, every day.


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