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BPG Designs Highlights Adult Autism Awareness Day and Announces New Project to Support this Community

Adult Autism Awareness Day, observed annually on April 18, is a significant occasion for autistic adults, their families, and their supporters. At BPG, we take pride in collaborating with businesses and contractors dedicated to offering support, and services, and imparting lifelong skills, all while shaping a future that caters to these vital needs.

From saw cutting and dry-utility trenching to directional drilling and long-haul plowing, our services cover a wide range of underground construction needs.

Turnkey Underground Utility Construction

Turnkey underground dry utility construction and civil projects in Arizona; installation and construction of underground utilities, utilizing trenchless technology addressing geological challenges of the Southwest’s hard soil – saw cutting, dry-utility trenching, directional drilling and long-haul plowing. Whether it’s industrial site construction, civil site construction, or street improvements, we bring proficiency to every aspect of dry utility work, earthwork, and coordination with government and city agencies.