California New Location - BPG

BPG Moves into New Home in the Los Angeles, California Area

BPG Designs, LLC relocated its Los Angeles office and construction yard to a new location in Fullerton, California. The new office building and yard will be an anchor point for the greater Los Angeles area and allows for further expansion as our California division grows.

The new location has been in operation since August 1, 2021, and currently serves customers’ needs in our Designs (GIS / Mapping Surveying, CAD Services, Design Services), and Technology Services. Future services will include Construction (Horizontal Directional Drilling, Vacuum Excavation, Excavation, Utility Construction, Fiber Optic Cable Installation), and Electrical (Lighting, Renovations, Industrial Controls, Tenant Improvements, UG Utility) needs.

“We’ve been looking at this move for quite some time now,” commented Justin Platchek, the Chief Operations Officer of BPG Designs, LLC. “BPG started operating in Southern California with the opening of our Carlsbad office, serving the Orange County and San Diego markets and added an additional office in the Los Angeles area in May of 2020.  The California Division has grown rapidly since then, and we’ve added an excellent team to handle customer requests with the precision that BPG is known for in Arizona and Nevada.  It was clear to us that it was necessary to add a construction yard to handle all our equipment needs in the greater Los Angeles area.”

BPG Designs, LLC also recently hired a Director to run the fast-expanding California Division.  Justin Platchek continued, “Fabian Bautista has worked with many companies in the industry, such as Ridge Communications, ExteNet Systems, Inc., and Crown Castle, and is an excellent addition to the already impressive California Team.  He will oversee all facets of the day-to-day operations of the company’s divisions and administrative functions.”

About BPG Designs: BPG is a Telecommunication Infrastructure Company specializing in providing Turnkey Solutions from Conception to Connection for our customers. Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, with a simple vision “That if we could provide our customers confidence knowing that they are working with the most innovative, creative, forward-thinking, technologically advanced companies focused on producing results, we could reach our dreams and make a difference in the community we serve,” the company has expanded its markets with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Carlsbad, and Fullerton, California.

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