Fiber Optics and Conduit Plowing Services

BPG Adds Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable Plowing to its Services

The demand for high-speed internet connections is greater now than ever before. Carriers are rushing to install fiber optic connections to homes, businesses, government facilities, smart cities, and educational institutions. In the power and energy industry, solar and wind farms are becoming more in demand as the push for cleaner energy is a priority in the private and public sectors. Power and fiber optic cable is the primary method utilized to connect the solar panels and wind turbines back to a central control center.

To meet this demand and other long-haul projects, BPG has invested in plowing equipment to meet our customer’s needs. Conduit and fiber optic plowing is a cost-effective installation method that is advantageous to our customer’s budgets and installation timelines.  On average, there is a 75 percent cost saving by simply using a utility plow versus trenching on long-haul projects.

We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of a Vibratory Plow and Pre-trip dozer to place underground facilities.  Our John Deere 1050 J & K models of dozers can place direct bury fiber optic cable and 1.25”-5” conduit from 1-8 conduits. BPG, can service the lower 48 of the United States with full-service turnkey crews.

To find out more, download our white paper on Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable PlowingContact us at for additional information and pricing.