Fiber Optics and Conduit Plowing Services

BPG Adds Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable Plowing to its Services

The demand for high-speed internet connections is greater now than ever before. Carriers are rushing to install fiber optic connections to homes, businesses, government facilities, smart cities, and educational institutions. In the power and energy industry, solar and wind farms are becoming more in demand as the push for cleaner energy is a priority in the private and public sectors. Power and fiber optic cable is the primary method utilized to connect the solar panels and wind turbines back to a central control center.

To meet this demand and other long-haul projects, BPG has invested in plowing equipment to meet our customer’s needs. Conduit and fiber optic plowing is a cost-effective installation method that is advantageous to our customer’s budgets and installation timelines.  On average, there is a 75 percent cost saving by simply using a utility plow versus trenching on long-haul projects.

We are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of a Vibratory Plow and Pre-trip dozer to place underground facilities.  Our John Deere 1050 J & K models of dozers can place direct bury fiber optic cable and 1.25”-5” conduit from 1-8 conduits. BPG, can service the lower 48 of the United States with full-service turnkey crews.

To find out more, download our white paper on Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable PlowingContact us at for additional information and pricing.

electric solutions in control panel

BPG Announces its Newest Division – BPG Electric

BPG Designs announces the addition of its newest division – BPG Electric. This division will be responsible for commercial electrical work in the greater Phoenix area.  Its organizational structure will further enhance the company’s ability to service customers and increase profitability while also continuing to capture strategic growth opportunities for the company as a whole.

“We are excited about our company’s current performance, growth and reputation in the industry,” said Ben Goddard, CEO of BPG Designs. “With the addition of this new division, we hope to solve more of our customers’ pain points. BPG Designs was founded in 2000, added the Utility Construction Division in 2004 and the Technologies Division in 2014.  This structural addition proves to be a natural evolution of BPG Designs’ streamlined organization and will provide the company further stability, growth and profitability.”

BPG has appointed Jonathan Goddard as Director of the Electric Division. Jonathan is formally trained in a 5-year California state apprenticeship program and has been working in the electrical industry since 2001. Over the years, he gained an extensive skillset including designing and building industrial control solutions for food processing equipment, refrigeration and conveyor systems. His attention to detail has enabled him to successfully complete large hospital projects involving replacement of main backup power and other critical life safety systems.


BPG Expands to New Office Location in California

BPG Designs, LLC expands its operations and opened a new location in Los Angeles, California.  The new location has been in operation since January 6th, 2020 and we are currently serving customers’ needs in our Designs (GIS / Mapping Surveying, CAD Services, Design Services, UAV / Drone Services) Services. Future services will include Construction (Horizontal Directional Drilling, Vacuum Excavation, Excavation, Utility Construction, Fiber Optic Cable Installation), Technology (Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing, Structured Cabling Systems, Wireless Solutions, Surveillance Systems, Distributed Antenna Systems), and Electrical (Lighting, Renovations, Industrial Controls, Tenant Improvements, UG Utility) needs.

“We are excited to expand our services into the Los Angeles area marketplace to be able to serve our  customers’ day-to-day needs much quicker,” commented Justin Platchek, the Chief Operations Officer of BPG Designs, LLC. “This move represents another significant milestone in the history of BPG and the additional space will also provide BPG with the opportunity for further expansion into additional markets and services.  BPG started operating in Southern California in 2017 with the opening of our Carlsbad office serving the Orange County and San Diego markets.”

The company appointed Justin to oversee this new location along with the existing office in Carlsbad, California. Justin started his career with the US Air Force, in the 944th Fighter Wing, Civil Engineering Squadron. He joined the company in 2006 and worked his way through the various departments in the company, developing a deep knowl­edge of all aspects of the company’s operations. With each new position, he acquired additional responsibilities that contributed his knowledge and leadership skills. In addition to his new responsibilities in California, Justin oversees all facets of the day to day operations of the company’s divisions and administrative functions.