Safety Training

National Safety Month – Hazard Recognition and Training

What can you do to recognize hazards and avoid injuries on the job site for you and your coworkers?

Training, Training, Training!

Pay attention to the training you receive. If you are unsure how to do something safely, ask a supervisor. If you are new on the job, request a supervisor shadow you for the first few days to ensure you follow proper safety protocols.

Keep an eye out for new employees and offer assistance when they need it. If you ever notice employees doing something against protocol, show them the right way to do it. For supervisors, implement training refresher courses to ensure all employees remember how to stay safe on the job.

Follow Safety Rules and Procedures!

We have a procedure manual and safety rules in place, but do you follow them? Re-familiarize yourself with the company rules often and make sure you follow those safety precautions at all times.  Take advantage of any training courses your company provides to stay up-to-date on all safety protocols.

Stay alert, be safe and think!

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