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National Safety Month

June marks the National Safety Council (NSC) National Safety Month. While we all know safety is important year-round, this month we work to highlight efforts to keep all our employees in the field, in the office, and even at home safe by pointing out things we can all do to avoid hazards and accidents. We will post a safety article once a week all through June and we hope you find the information we share informative.

BPG and the Semiconductor Industry in Phoenix, Arizona

Is Arizona on Track in Becoming the Next Nation’s Semiconductor Hub?

Phoenix, Arizona, is becoming a hub for a variety of national and international companies.  Electric car manufacturers such as Lucid Motors, Electra Meccanica, and Nikola have already flocked to the valley.  These start-up electric car manufacturers have set up shop in the last 16 months.  In addition, California-based companies are also considering a move or building an additional location here in the valley.

The biggest news is how Phoenix Metro is affected by the semiconductor industry and what growth it will provide over the next ten years for Arizona.  Semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung (potential $17 billion), Intel (an additional $20 billion chip plant), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. ($12 billion manufacturing plant), Medtronic, Microchip, and NXP have purchased land, signed contracts, broken ground, and some have already built their manufacturing plants.  The Greater Phoenix Metro is on track to become a major player in America’s semiconductor manufacturing industry.

So, what’s the draw?  Arizona offers proximity to California and Mexico, opening many companies up to global markets and a robust supply chain. Not only are we seeing more manufacturers coming here, but we are also seeing more suppliers coming to Arizona, making it easier to transfer parts to other companies.  Available land for purchase at a lower cost than most states, preplanned and existing infrastructure, favorable tax incentives are attractive to start-ups and existing companies alike.  With so many people relocating to Arizona, the talent pool has grown exponentially in the last two decades, providing employers with experienced applicants.

Hundreds of homes are being planned near the TSMC 1,128-acre manufacturing plant at Interstate 17 and Loop 303, as TSMC will create 1,900 jobs in the first phase alone when production begins in 2024. Predictions for Intel include 3,000 permanent high-tech, high-wage jobs, over 3,000 construction jobs, and approximately 15,000 local long-term jobs in support companies, per Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO.

“BPG is a well-established telecommunications infrastructure company with a 20+ year history in the Phoenix Metro Area, and well-positioned to support the efforts. Primarily because of our experience with CCTV, RFID, Structured Cabling and Fiber Optic Installation Services,” commented Scott Tubbs, Director of Business Development.  “We have existing relationships and partnerships with contractors, suppliers, vendors, and infrastructure companies like APS, SRP, and Cox.  Our four divisions (Design & Engineering, Construction, Technologies, and Electric) make it easy to take a project from concept to connection!  We have the financial resources, an impressive fleet, and an EMR safety rating to be proud of.”

Todd Heaton, Director of Employee Resources, added, “We have an established talent pool and hiring process with a lower-than-average turnover rate. 47% of our workforce has been with BPG for three or more years, and a handful of employees have worked for BPG for more than 20 years.  We are ready, and we always find a way!”

With a global shortage of semiconductor chips, Arizona will continue to grow its technology and advanced manufacturing footprint. Arizona is already a top-five state for semiconductor production, with multiple industry leaders choosing the state to start, expand or relocate operations.  BPG is proud to already play a part in this expansion, and we look forward to what’s to come.

About BPG Designs: BPG is a Design-Build Telecommunication Infrastructure Company specializing in Turnkey Solutions from Concept to Connection for our customers. Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, with a simple vision “That if we could provide our customers confidence knowing that they are working with the most innovative, creative, forward-thinking, technologically advanced companies focused on producing results, we could reach our dreams and make a difference in the community we serve,” the company has expanded its markets with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, San Diego, and Los Angeles, California.

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