LiDAR Mapping

What is Mobile LiDAR Mapping?

Our Design team specializes in providing Mobile LiDAR, GIS/Mapping, Survey, Design, AutoCAD, and consulting services. Our customers range from CLEC’s, dark fiber optic network providers to privately held enterprises. We work with contractors from the design-assist side to the design-build side of projects.

BPG offers a spatial GIS-centric, comprehensive yet scalable solution to survey, map and track assets and infrastructure by using a combination of general surveying, mobile LiDAR, static scanners, and UAS’s to perform asset management data collection tasks. BPG has extensive experience in the collection and processing of massive amounts of geospatial information. With a fleet of two Mobile Lidar Scanners and a technical staff of engineers, surveyors, GIS specialists, and project managers, BPG can effectively manage, control, and produce the information and value-added products required from a mobile mapping system.

Our mobile mapping systems are the perfect solution when a massive amount of asset data must be collected in a short amount of time. By mounting a mapping system with various integrated sensors (GNSS, laser scanner, camera, IMU, wheel encoders) to a vehicle, users get all field data quickly. We drive at normal speeds and get locations and visual detail of all roadside features, with no need to revisit the field for missing points. Simple office software can then be used for viewing, processing, projecting, and exporting data for GIS or CAD software.

Our LiDAR Mapping white paper explains in detail how we use LiDAR at BPG to fulfill your needs up to 50 times faster than by using conventional acquisition means, resulting in better collection efficiency, and saving you money. Feel free to contact us or contact one of our experts directly with any questions you might have.

About BPG Designs: BPG is a Design-Build Telecommunication Infrastructure Company specializing in Turnkey Solutions from Concept to Connection for our customers. Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, with a simple vision “That if we could provide our customers confidence knowing that they are working with the most innovative, creative, forward-thinking, technologically advanced companies focused on producing results, we could reach our dreams and make a difference in the community we serve,” the company has expanded its markets with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, San Diego, and Los Angeles, California.

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