Safety Month

National Safety Month

June marks the National Safety Council (NSC) National Safety Month. While we all know safety is important year-round, this month we work to highlight efforts to keep all our employees in the field, in the office, and even at home safe by pointing out things we can all do to avoid hazards and accidents. We will post a safety article once a week all through June and we hope you find the information we share informative. 

Hazards are all around us, and it is crucial to think about what a hazard in our workplace or our homes may be. According to the National Safety Council’s Hazard Tip Sheet, in the workplace, this may include many things such as burnt-out light bulbs that throw a shadow over potential hazards that may be experienced in the workplace.  This also includes any hazards in your home that you think are harmless that can cause injury or illness. It is important to keep alert and avoid these potential hazards.

Another aspect of safety is paying attention to any fatigue you may experience. Our busy lives lead to loss of sleep which can pose serious problems to our health and safety.  Lack of sleep can lead to a “decrease in cognitive performance, vigilance, accuracy, and judgment.”  Simply put, sleep deprivation can lead to serious health risks such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.  There are many ways to help reduce these risks with a few simple controllable steps. To make sure you get the recommended hours of sleep each night, remember A.C.E.S; Alcohol, Caffeine, Environment, and Screens.  Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake, have a cool, dark environment for sleeping, and avoid using smartphones or tablets 30 minutes before going to bed.  Your well-being needs to get as much sleep as possible and keep yourself from getting fatigued.  Fatigue can lead to another critical safety aspect, impairment. Being impaired can keep you unsafe in the home or at work.

Stay Tuned for next week’s article on Avoiding Distractions on the Job!

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